6 Tips to Prevent Your Car Breaking Down Due to Flooding

Entering the start of the rainy season, we need to be alert to flood disasters in several regions in Indonesia. Moreover, standing water that rises while driving on the road can cause the car to break down.

Of course, flood disasters cause worry and panic. Moreover, if we have started going to the office or working from the office, we definitely have to keep driving even though it is raining.

For this reason, we need to be careful when driving. High standing water can cause the car to break down.

How to Prevent Your Car Breaking Down Due to Flooding

To prevent your car from being submerged in floodwaters and breaking down, here are some tips you can do.

1. Check the water level before breaking through

The first thing you need to pay attention to before breaking through a flood is to check the water level on the road you are going to pass. The water height limit for sedans is around 70 cm. Meanwhile, for a mini bus or SUV, it is around 85 cm.

If the tire exceeds the limit, it will usually be more difficult for the car to move and it is not uncommon for the engine to take in water. Of course, this can cause the car to suddenly break down.

2. Drive at slow speed

The next tip to prevent your car from breaking down due to flooding is to always drive at a slow speed. During a flood, perhaps many people will feel panic and want to rush. However, make sure you are not affected and remain calm.

Driving fast can create strong water waves. This actually causes water to enter the engine.

During a flood, the car must not be stationary. Make sure the car is in neutral or L on automatic cars. Meanwhile, in a manual car, put it in first gear.

3. Avoid stepping on the clutch

In manual cars, make sure you don’t keep pressing the clutch. If possible, avoid pressing the clutch because this will open the channel to the car’s transmission.

As a result, water and mud can mix and enter the car, causing the engine to stall.

4. Turn off the AC when entering a flood

If you have to drive through floodwater while driving a car, it’s a good idea to turn off the AC or air conditioner. Turning on the AC will actually open the fan hole which can suck up standing water.

That way, it will be easier for water to get into the car’s engine and cause it to break down.

5. Avoid forcing the engine to start

If while driving the engine suddenly breaks down, make sure not to try to start the car by force. This will actually cause damage. It’s better to drive your car when it’s off so it doesn’t cause serious damage.

6. Dry the brake pads after escaping the flood

After you have finished passing through a flooded area without your car breaking down, you must not immediately lose your guard. The thing is, your car could suddenly break down.

This can be caused by brake linings that are still wet due to flooding. So, for that, dry the brake pads by driving at a speed of 5 km/hour. You can also occasionally play with the brakes by slowly pressing the pedal several times.


These are some tips to prevent your car from breaking down due to flooding that you can apply amidst the current high rainfall.