7 Easy Ways to Change Your Own Car Tires

Are you going to travel far by car? If so, you should learn how to change car tires to anticipate unexpected events, such as a flat tire in the middle of the road.

However, make sure you have prepared the tools to change a car tire, such as a spare tire, jack and wrench. So, you can be prepared when an emergency occurs.

How to Change Car Tires?

To answer this question, you only need to follow a few steps to change your car tires so you can drive safely to your destination.

1. Move the car to a safe location and give a sign

When you realize that your car tire is flat, avoid immediately pressing the brake and changing direction suddenly. This can cause traffic accidents, especially when you are traveling on the toll road.

It’s better to keep walking slowly and turn on the hazard lights. The goal is so that the car behind you can still be careful when one day you stop. Then, look for a place to pull over on the shoulder of the road.

Make sure the road surface is flat and straight so that it is easier for you to change your car tires. In addition, avoid stopping near corners because visibility for other drivers is more limited.

After pulling over, you can put up a warning sign so that other drivers are more careful. The following are recommendations for car stop warning signs that you can install.

2. Prepare Car Tire Changing Equipment

There are several tools you need to change a tire, namely a jack, wrench, and of course a spare tire. Therefore, make sure these three items are always available in the car.

Other additional equipment that you can prepare is a flashlight, gloves, manual, tool kit, and so on. You can prepare a tool kit from Ruparupa.com as below.

3. Loosen the Tire Bolt

Now you need a tool to loosen the tire bolts. The tool you need is a wheel wrench.

The way to loosen tire bolts is quite easy. You only need to turn the wheel bolt counterclockwise. However, when loosening the car bolts, don’t let them come loose, especially if the jack is not installed.

4. Lift the car with a jack

After that, you need to lift the car using a jack. To do this, place the jack at the bottom of the car. Make sure the jack is perpendicular to the ground at all times.

The jack installation point is usually located around the car’s wheels, which have been specially designed by the car company.

Just in case the jack can’t support the weight of the car, place a spare tire under it. Make sure you use a car jack until the wheel you want to replace is lifted off the ground and can be pulled out.

5. Remove the Old Tires

When the jack is able to support the car and the old tire has room to be pulled out, take the wheel wrench again and loosen the tire bolts until they are completely removed.

Make sure you keep the bolts in a safe place so you don’t have trouble finding them when you install them again. Then, pull the problematic tire until it comes out.

6. Make sure the spare tire is in good condition

Before installing the spare tire, make sure the tire is in good condition and the air pressure is ideal.

Once done, insert the tire onto the wheel and tighten each bolt in turn little by little using a wheel wrench. Turn it clockwise until it feels really tight.

7. Release the jack and lower the car onto the road

Once all the bolts are secure, lower the car and slowly release the jack. Make sure all wheels are level with the ground.

Then, check again one by one until the bolts really can’t move anymore. After that, the car can be used again.


Those are the steps for changing car tires that you can follow. You can change car tires yourself by paying attention to the tips from this article.